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Another quality of the sound that is interesting for kids is the tone. To isolate this quality, Montessori designed a set of bells in black and white that matches the black and white keys on the piano. The bells are the same in all details, except the tone, which is heard when the child hits them gently.

A similar set of brown bells corresponds exactly to the tone of the set in black and white. The exercise is pairing the bells in the musical scale order.

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There is always a busy hum of activity in a Montessori classroom because the use of materials involves many motions – walking, carrying, pouring, speaking, and in particular the constant use of the hands. All activity, however, is guided by respect for the teacher, a respect for the work of others, and respect for the materials themselves.

She felt that self-discipline should be gradually acquired through absorption in meaningful work. When a vitally child is interested in a particular classroom activity, his behavior almost always matures. If the child misbehaves in a Montessori classroom, the teacher usually helps him to select the work that catches completely his attention.

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