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The potential of each child

One of the characteristics that has defined the Montessori Method, created by the Italian Maria Montessori at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, was that each child could release the potential that it possesses in some activity, while being integral in terms of other areas or knowledge . Of Course, it is intended to teach young children, with tasks and values that they can carry out from an early age and that molded or instructed them in some way in the process of becoming adults.

Within the classroom, there must be a suitable environment for the child to feel confident and free to learn, a place where they practice affection, respect and discipline, where in turn the didactic materials available to them choose , thanks to his own interest. Seeing in this way that the child possesses in itself the capacities to go building himself. The father or teacher is nothing more than a guide, a person who will provide you with the tools for your learning.

Thanks to the environment where you will be given the freedom to choose, you will facilitate the knowledge of reading and writing on a par with certain rules and limits, that are only the observation towards that which interested them and the respect towards the activities of other companions , those little efforts that will be very significant in their formation.

While they are being instructed in general knowledge, as the aforementioned, at the time of these completed, if they want to play, draw, or carry out another activity, they are in the freedom to do so, since if it is their will, that must be respected.

They Will Have a moment to share and to know integral tools, that will help them throughout their lives, at the same time they will be given the opportunity to learn for themselves, to create independence and also to choose that they like, that they want to do to To develop its potential in terms of this activity or task. Pushing them, and encouraging them is only our duty.





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