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Children need independence and freedom to develop their creativity but also they need to learn certain rules to establish limits that protect and help them to live in the society. Parents must consider that rules are natural part of life that teaches kids how to manage different situations. They are the structure to interact with others and help people to make healthy choices. The challenge for parents is obviously to know where is the thin line that separates the absurd restriction to act from the total relaxation that leads to caos.

There are some recommendations to help parents to think about the best way to set rules at home, the firs of them, keep it simple. This means that having too many rules to follow may be confusing to your kids and maybe exhausting. Choose a few ones that you think are non-negotiable like time to go to bed or keeping the toys organized. As the child grows the rules change and he gains in commitment to doing what is expected. Parents must be also concise and positive. Toddlers and small children can´t follow directions with many details, confused frame or a negative language. Sweet directions encourage learning while negative language can feel punishing and does not stimulate change.

Routines help to establish expectations and act as ways to save time. If children learn about the consequences of their actions they will avoid dangerous and disgusting situations that rest them time to play or enjoy, a simple example, throwing a toy and loosing the opportunity to play with it. It is also necessary to parents to sound logical. A rule must be coherent and also the punishment for breaking it.

And don’t forget to reinforce the good behavior of your child. It is true that limits are necessary but also the positive comment when he acts properly. So don’t just point out mistakes, celebrate the good things your kids do. The best is learning how to be flexible when it is needed and adjust rules as circumstances demand as well.


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