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Dancing, drama, art and craft classes, martial arts, team sports, swimming, language classes, music lessons, gymnastics, they are all interesting and marvelous extra academics activities that we wish our kids could do. But how many of them a child can undertake?  how much effort, money and time can provide the whole family to accompany the little ones in the learning or entertaining time? Choosing an extra academic activity is a task that requires analysis and consensus. The first thing to think about is if the kid really wants to participate in another routine different from classes at school. After that the second part is to look at the family budget. There is a broad range of programs and activities around, at a variety of costs. Call to get information, search at Internet, ask friends and other parents for tips, look for different opinions to finally make a decision.

Start with your child. Ask what he wants first, surely there is an activity he likes the most, for that a useful tool is a shortlist of options. Try to think about the strengths of your kid and don’t pressure him to pick one program. Be patient and consider his age.

Although the cost of the chosen class shouldn’t be a matter of concern for the child, certainly is an issue for parents. Certain sports require equipment, some activities need expensive supplies and all of them are paid, so try to test the commitment of the little one with training lessons before pay anything. Remember that there are added costs, as transportation and time.

Many after school activities are developed at the same building but others are not. In this case, make sure the new facility is up to standard, clean and well lit, that has clean toilets and a qualified staff to assist in case is needed. Feel free to ask all the questions you consider necessary, everything is about the most important part of your life: your family.

Some parents think that kids must have all the opportunities but sometimes that means they end up mentally exhausted and tired of uncomfortable schedules that don’t allow time for relaxation. Choose one or two extra academic activities and test your strength and your child´s, in this process, common sense needs to prevail, even to consider when to quit.

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