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Children rooms

How should a child’s room look? Parents may think that the sanctuaries of their little ones must be places to be relaxing, full of calmed colors that motivate the concentration to study and read. But that’s not the reality. That may be the vision of the adults but maybe not the children’s. Instead, designers recommend let the room reflect their personality, even if that involves some more vibrant colors and patterns. The idea is working together creating a comfortable but organized area where they can develop creative activities.

Kids do homework, read, watch television, play, entertain friends and do much more than sleep in their rooms. So, it is a real challenge to try to meet all the needs in a few walls. For a scholarly child, the room must have a desk, a chair, and good lighting. For the social one, a relaxing seating area should be the center of attraction. At present the rooms of boys and girls are not usually so markedly different, so finding the right colors of the walls depends more on the children´s mood and preferences. Obviously, primary colors can be overwhelming so it is better to think of others as light orange or yellow or neutral tones like greens, browns, light grays or soft blues.

About the theme, let your child choose it, maybe there is a favorite hobby, sports team or activity that can customize the room. Artwork and accessories can also highlight a child’s interests and are easy to change out as they get older. Regarding space, there must be storage shelving and furniture adapted to the size and ability of your children, an organized room will help them relax and learn to be responsible of their own space.

Some designers say that, ideally, the child´s room should be media-free but it is almost impossible today, computers and tablets are part of the study material. Maybe a good option is to keep a computer in the room but visually separated from the sleep space with a bookshelf, curtain or another creative design idea.

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