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Studies have shown that there is a special bond between children and their grandparents and a variety of important benefits from it. Development of kindness, generosity and less anxiety and depression are the results of this interaction. The explanation seems to be the special kind of love, support, and mentoring only grandparents can provide.

Many grandparents are already retired from their jobs so they have more free time, rest enough and have more opportunity for recreational activities, in consequence, they can provide attention and support to their grandchildren in a variety of ways: they can teach about the family´s history and train the kids on practical skills or small tasks at home. The experience grandparents have achieved can be passed on to the kids offering them comfort and encouragement. The wisest of the house can also help to build the values, promote strong relationships and appropriate interpersonal behaviors among family members. Activities like organize leisure time can also be a task for grandparents.

Parents play an essential role in stimulating coexistence with grandparents, they must make everyone understand the position of the older ones at home and the respect and consideration they deserve. And also, if they live in another house, children must be trained to understand that there are limits and rules that must be followed even when the grandparents’ house is a paradise of unconditional love.

Not only grandchildren benefit from their grandparents, it works in both ways. Kids also can be very positive for those who may think there is nothing in life for them. Some cognitive disorders and diseases as Alzheimer could be more bearable for the old ones who spend time taking care of their grandchildren, some studies show that social bonds are one of the biggest contributors to cognitive and psychological health.

To be a grandfather or a grandmother means having special license to be a happier parent, fewer responsibilities and a sense of independence and unconcern. Parents should not hesitate to allow their children to enjoy this special connection and should also keep in mind that grandparents will love and treat their grandchildren differently as they did with us. For some grandparents, it is another opportunity to do things correctly, to enjoy what they couldn’t with their own kids and maybe to correct the things they suppose they didn’t do as well as they would have liked.


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