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The Montessori methodology agrees that, in order to attend a camp, any age in children is good, and when they are independent, they get more out of this experience. As a general rule, the first three days involve a period of adaptation, new friends, recognition of the area, different routines, meals, bedtime … everything changes.

Some children will find it harder than others to adapt but it is normal, in a few days they will feel in their space, although many parents choose summer camps with the idea of reinforcing their knowledge, the main subject will be coexistence. So, the best thing is not to worry about learning because of the fact that they learn science, art, etc. it is something that comes in addition if the children are enjoying the camp.

In Montessori summer camps, the mission is to have fun, share and carry out recreational activities that allow each child to develop their potential. For Montessori Gables every child is important, so we offer a program of activities and fun that includes:

• Arts and crafts.

• Science projects.

• Outdoor games.

• Aquatic game.

This school year ends soon, summer camp registration is open now, the camp begins on June 10 and ends on August 2nd. We will wait for you! More information HERE

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