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The word Halloween comes from “All hallow´s eve,” an ancient English word that means “All Saints’ Eve. When you talk about Halloween or Halloween, you think of pumpkins, mucilage, parties, children, witches’ costumes, ghosts and mummies. If you’re thinking of having a party or want to do something original with your kids, we recommend these ideas to celebrate with the kids.

  1. Halloween Costumes: They are a resource widely used by children in celebration. Thinking about it, you can select easy and simple costumes such as witches, ghosts, dragons, fairies, skulls, mummies and much more.
  2. Halloween Makeup: to give a final touch to your child’s costume with an original and very special makeup, you can opt for makeup of vampire, witch, pumpkin, catrina and many easier to perform. You don’t have to be an expert, try it.
  3. Halloween crafts: it is important to have an original and fun decoration for the children’s party. Decorate your pumpkins with paint, buy props cobwebs and other items such as glasses, plates and decorations.
  4. Easy Halloween Recipes for Kids: Seize the opportunity with these simple ideas ideal for a scary web-shaped pancakes menu, witch’s fingers with chicken nuggets, witch’s broom with candy and chocolate, ghost biscuits, pumpkin-shaped biscuits, chocolate spider cake pops.

Follow these recommendations and you can celebrate a fun Halloween night with your children, family and friends. Happy Halloween!

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