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The value of family and friends is the most important in these Christmas days. Parents have a duty to devote some time to the family, teach them values ​​such as union, generosity, friendship, joy, collaboration, and cooperation.

How to do it? Well, by having everyone collaborate in the tasks at home: gifts, ornaments, and Christmas decorations, planning Christmas dinner, telling stories, singing Christmas carols, etc.

It is also important that parents teach their children to thank and say “I love you” to show their love without shame, to embrace loved ones. Being grateful and affectionate will help them express their feelings with honesty and, on the other hand, how to celebrate life.

Parents are an example for their children, celebrate with joy and healthy fun while also avoiding the excesses that can lead to physical, emotional and economic ailments at this time.

At dinner time, it is also important to teach children that the table is a meeting and union point, that our relationships are loving and generous with others. In short, Advent is a time of prior preparation for our children and that this brings out all the best of Christmas and of ourselves, it is time that the moment of meeting helps us to start a new year with enthusiasm and optimism.

Happy Holidays!

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