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Today’s children are digital, but how do you set limits on social media use? How can we help them enter a world from which adults are just learning?

First of all, is not to look at technological advances and social media with fear. Everything we discover generates a reaction, and if it’s new, we feel some fear. However, as adults we have to do the opposite, we have to get into it.

Any parent or teacher should have social media to understand and know how it works. And just like we talk about Facebook, also Twitter or any other social network, it is our responsibility as adults to learn from this language, which has other rules, which is different, to be able to help and guide the child and take advantage of these tools that, well used, are absolutely wonderful and, ill-used can be very dangerous.

In world 2.0 there is everything, fantastic things and bad things What is our duty as adults? It is to be vigilant, attentive, let them make their experience, but with guidance and care.

Important! in social media there are ages. In fact Facebook has a policy that no one under the age of 13 can create an account. This poses a complication, which is that the reality indicates that many children under the age of 13 have an account on this social network and therefore lie about their age to open it. That’s a dangerous first message for children. Lying is not a minor detail. Ethical principles need to be taught to children very clearly.

How can we take care of him in his life on Facebook?

We need to teach our children a number of things, such as what information to put on, explaining the new concept of privacy so different from previous generations, and more. Children need to know that once something is hung up on the internet it stays forever, and that, not only can their friends look at it but many people, therefore, it is important to take care of what is written or published. They need to know that there is private information that should never be shared publicly, they have to understand that on social networks they cannot say what they would not dare to say face to face and that they cannot use this tool to assault or defame. These are all things parents have to teach their children.

What about you as a parent, how do you avoid the dangers that social media is to your children? Take a moment to reflect on this and take the actions that work best for you and your family

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